When I first came to see Dr Rettig 3 months ago I was trying to find an alternative than going to see a medical dr. I have had an immune deficiency for my entire life. I had gotten IVIGs every month from the time I was born till eighteen. I have had pneumonia about 90 times and through that have very bad lungs. When I came and saw Dr Rettig I was tired of getting sick and being out of work for 5-6 days at at time. Since seeing Dr Rettig I can say that I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life. I was at the point of getting sick a couple weeks ago and came in and got adjusted and his suggested supplements and for the first time in my life I was back at work the next day. That has never happened to me in my entire life. I want to thank Dan Ortat for referring me to Dr Rettig. It's the best thing I have ever done!


I am Pamala Minerd I came to Dr. Rettig via driving out from N Carolina. I was given a referral and decided coming to California was worth a . I had been seeing a functional integrative M.D. in North Carolina who did help me quite a bit taking me off of synthetic thyroid medication for natural pig thyroid medication but after three years I stalled and didn't change so I decide Dr. Rettig was the next step in healing I came into Dr. Rettig with 30 different doctor prescribed supplements and five prescriptions I was taking every day. I am no longer on thyroid medication or any of the other prescriptions I truly believe now I was misdiagnosed. Dr. Rettig killed my parasites which eliminated my chronic hives and I actually saw some come out of me I also changed up and switched up all of my supplements I went on a cleanse and now because of the changes I am on less supplements I have lost weight I have better skin I'm more clear thinking and I am needing much less sleep oh and I have more energy so seeing Dr. Rettig seems to be the missing link in fixing what was wrong and what actually wasn't wrong 🤔 I believe I was misdiagnosed I highly recommend anyone who is having health issues to come to California to see Dr. Rettig I will be continuing care with him till the day I am either no longer able to come or he is no longer in practice!


Jack is a Chesapeake Retriever 11 years old. We started to notice that Jack was starting to balloon up last May. We took him to the vet after him being what you would call looking bloated. They did a check up ran blood work the whole nine yards. The blood work came back normal. The vet then decided to run test on his liver where they abstracted fluid from the liver as well as took the fluid they drained from him and sent it to an outside research company to test.

Long story short, they really couldn't determine what was wrong, we were being told he probably has liver disease also where cancer cells can hide, but didn't think it was cancer but more so liver disease. Jack has a funny personality, loves to swim and he never acted like he didn't feel well or something was wrong. At that point the vet said all we can really do is drain him to keep him comfortable. So we were having him drained every week. The amount of fluid measured to 4 liters each week for the first 3 weeks. I then started thinking that I need to take Jack to Dr Rettig. He helped my daughter Alliyah with her autoimmune disorder and the allergic reaction the the Meningitis vaccine. I had seen the numerous publications from Standard Process on how dogs can take these supplements too and it can help a dog get healthy again and or prolong their life a little bit longer and not have to be put toxic medicines.

Dr Rettig did the muscle testing for jack thru me, I also brought in his dog food and treats to be tested as well . Dr Rettig, determine that Jacks liver was not functioning properly and trying to work overtime as well as his pituitary gland was weak and dysfunctional. He sent us home with many different Standard Process supplements to treat the liver, clean out his blood system from any toxins and well as a supplement for his pituitary gland. As we kept up with the visits with Dr Rettig, we had to get Jack drained a couple more times. He had one week being 6 liters and then then another week being a little over 8 liters back the middle of July. This was the last time Jack got drained. The supplements that Jack was taking had been getting his organs to start functioning normal again and looking like a normal dog.. We have not had to drain Jack anymore since that July. He still to this day maintains his daily regimen of taking his Standard Process supplements. Once again Dr Rettig, thank you ever so much for all you do.


For the last 4 years I have been dealing (unsuccessfully) with gastritis/acid reflux/IBS and had really got to my wits end with trying just about everything to find a solution to the constant pain and discomfort in my stomach. After taking omeprazole and mylanta to try and manage the issue it became apparent that it was out of control. Traditional doctors all said the same thing “continue to take omeprazole and antacids when necessary” but not only did they not help but it seemed that it made it worse. Frustrated and in pain I decided to give Dr. Rettig a try based upon a referral from a holistic medicine group on Facebook. Dr. Rettig truly has been a godsend since I have been seeing him. He was able to determine what the cause was(diminished stomach acid) and prescribed a treatment plan that would focus on the cause (traditional doctors only wanted to treat the symptoms). After following his suggested dietary guidelines and taking the all natural supplements I’m happy to say that I feel close to being 100 percent again. He determined that my stomach does not appreciate dairy/gluten and a few other things, he also diagnosed me with EBV which was leaving me lethargic and foggy. Thanks to Dr. Rettig I am no longer feeling as though I got punched in the stomach by Mike Tyson!


After suffering numerous allergy attacks being around any type of cat, I thought for sure my son would live like this his entire life. My mother having a cat made visits to her home not an option anymore, and the allergy attacks even from her clothes she would wear to my home. The allergy attack would be a hard time breathing and would last for about 24 hours followed by days of a runny nose, it was so frustrating to be a mom and unable to help him. I found so many success stories with Dr Rettig with allergies so I thought to give him a try as nothing else was working. Well just four short months later with visits to Dr Rettig that included supplements and a strict diet my son has not one sign of a cat allergy! We can visit the vet, my moms house and travel anywhere now not worried about my son having an attack. More then that he has been so healthy, a once often sick child has been going strong this last year only getting sick a couple times. 


For so long I felt super lethargic and no amount of sleep or coffee seemed to help me feel rested. I would get 12 hours of sleep and still feel cemented to the bed in the morning. I was an athlete my whole life and swam in college. Through years of crazy physical training, I thought tired was normal and a sign of working hard. Little did I know that my body was fighting off a virus I had no clue about and that was exhausting me too! I finally had enough and tried many restorative health clinics to get my health back. After probably 30 rounds of blood and diagnostic tests, the doctor I was seeing wanted to do even more tests. I was super discouraged and exhausted by the process and was beginning to think it was all in my head. A dear friend of mine told me about Dr. Rettig and I was so excited to give it shot.I scheduled my first appointment and walked in so tired, not knowing what to expect but desperate for any answers at this point. Dr. Rettig diagnosed me with EBV without any lab tests just muscle testing and put me on a strict regimen of supplements to fight this virus. After 2 visits in 10 days, I noticed my energy was higher, I was sleeping better at night and truly felt like a different person. Over the next month of continuing this process, I can honestly say that I can remember the last time I felt this strong and healthy. Thank you Dr. Rettig for giving me the answers I needed and giving me the tools to heal naturally.


Big thank you to Dr. Rettig. My parents have been patients of his for more than ten years. And even though my mom suggested I come see him, I put it off and put it off. Finally four weeks ago I made the call. I came to see Dr. Rettig because my lower back hurt and my left hip hurt. I like to run, but running had become a chore. Even getting out of bed, or out of the car was painful and at those times it was difficult to stand upright because of the pain. Dr. Rettig tested my wellness and gave me supplements to address my specific weaknesses. After just three days I felt better. Running became easier each day. Then I did the purification program and my whole life improved. I am mostly pain free. And I was able to run five miles two days ago without pain. I feel younger, less inflamed and I know I am healthier. So glad I finally took my mother's advice (and Dr. Rettig's). On April 7th I will be running in the So Cal Ragnar. I can't wait. A month ago I would have had to walk most of my legs. But not now. Thanks for making me healthy. (The 13 pounds gone aren't bad either).

Felicia Watkins

My wife and I, under Dr. Rettig's encouragement, have both started on the path to a healthier lifestyle. We are both diabetic.  She is on pills and I am on insulin. I have used three kinds of insulin and high blood pressure medicine since before 1980.  We are both over 73 years old. Since the start of our adventure in eating well and taking supplements, both my wife and I have made tremendous strides in getting healthy.  I'm down to one from three of my insulins and I'm only taking half of what I was prior to seeing Dr. Rettig. I've also stopped taking my blood pressure meds and my blood pressure has been even better.  My blood sugar numbers are under 140 for seven and fourteen day averages. My wife and I have both lost weight and feel better.  I no longer have the chronic pain and stiffness that has plagued me for over 20 years. I have had uninterrupted sleep at night for the first time in many years. 

 Ken and Judie Reed

Before seeing Dr. Rettig, I was sick all the time.  I was suffering from exercise induced asthma and various allergies that were annoying burdens. I was taking allergy pills and my inhaler daily in order to get a full breath of air or to clear up a stuffy nose. I had just turned 14 and was having trouble gaining weight.  Everything changed when I started to see Dr. Rettig.  I would visit him once or twice a week for only 15 minutes and these visits started a crucial shift in my health and well-being. He would adjust my back and give me all natural supplements to fine-tune my organs, which made them perform better. the day. Before long, there was a noticeable difference in me and I had more energy, was performing much better in sports and I wasn't getting sick anymore.  I have gained around 35 lbs. in the two years I have been seiing him and have grown over5 inches taller.  It is a lot easier to live my life now that I'm healthy enough to enjoy it to the fullest.  If you're suffering from similar things that I used to suffer from - go see Dr. Rettig.  Im sure he can help you too. Thank you for everything.  


When I first met Dr. Rettig, my physical condition was a ragged mess…and that is an understatement! I was on blood pressure medication for about 12 years and cholesterol medication for about 3 years. I was grossly over weight, always fatigued, and in pain. Since completing Dr. Rettig's program, I feel like a new woman – no more sugar cravings, or medication! My body feels great and I have more energy than my teenage kids! Of course, the best part is that I lost 65 pounds! I’ve continued on the program and have now lost a total of 35 pounds over all…and I’m not finished yet! 

Joan Norris

I met Dr. R at our gym and overheard him talking about The Cleanse.  After months of working out consistently I wasn’t dropping the weight I  thought I should have been. Skeptical at first I decided to try The  Cleanse. After 3 days I felt better than I have in years. I had more  energy and found it very easy to do. I lost 21 lbs in 21 days. More  importantly I have lost another 34 lbs after by just eating sensibly. My  body literally stopped craving all the bad foods I was eating before.  No more urges. Being a skeptic by nature I never believed this would  work and now I swear by it.  


My name is Gail Kamo and I'm an extremely busy mom to our four kids. I chose to do Dr. Rettig's program because I was tired, exhausted, overweight and had really high blood pressure, along with the normal aches and pains of a 49 year old.  My goal was to get my body healthy, but the greatest gift was being able to make myself a priority at the end of the program. I had energy galore, my skin glowed, I lost 11 pounds...Yeah!  My knee pain completely disappeared, and best of all, my blood pressure dropped from 146 to 107...WOW!  Doing this program gave me a jumpstart to make healthier choices in my daily eating and exercising habits. i highly recommend this program to all those busy moms who walk in my shoes everyday. 

Gail Kamo